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"Discover the Powerful Stories of 'Hollow' and 'Unfelt' - Two Compelling Books That Will Leave You Moved and Inspired"


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"Unfelt... Lost In The Pews At Church" offers a powerful exploration of the challenges faced by those who feel unfelt in their church and provides practical guidance and insights for individuals and leaders seeking to navigate these challenges. With a wealth of exercises, tools, and resources, this book offers a roadmap for creating a more inclusive and authentic church community where individuals from all walks of life can find acceptance, connection, and a deeper sense of purpose.


Whether you are struggling with feeling unfelt in your own church or seeking to support better those who are, "Unfelt... Lost In The Pews At Church" is a must-read resource for anyone seeking to foster a more meaningful and fulfilling faith journey. Order your copy today and start your journey towards a more authentic and inclusive church community.

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HOLLOW... When Everything That Means Anything is Taken Away
Book signing party
Book Signing Party

Have you given up on life? Are fighting against life's circumstances, such as finance, tragedy, or low self-esteem, making you hollow inside? Then join Lynette as she shares her personal defeats and victories in learning how to cope with unfortunate circumstances.


She provides you with words of encouragement to find strength in God and the coping mechanisms to apply to your own life. Start seeing yourself through God's eyes, and you will receive a rebirth in life, love, and laughter. 

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